Here I sit smiling.
I cannot wait to meet you.
Let's become great friends.

my haiku for you

I'm an Alaska farm girl, lover of haikus and big hugs, constantly attempting a British accent, murder mystery fanatic, book lover, and the owner and gal behind the camera at Emelia K Photography.
I like fun people who love life, too.

a few of my favorite things

my husband, Joe
Our cat, Esterbrook
Mountains & RIVERS
GOod books
house plants (though I can't keep them alive)
cozy coffee shops
buy one get one free

I'm a farmer's daughter, coffee-addict, and a lover of hotdish and hugs. On my ideal Saturday, you'll find me in my PJs, dancing to the Backstreet Boys (yes, I'll admit my obsession), baking, and watching The Office. I grew up in Kenny Lake, AK on the largest pig farm in the state (you betcha!). I crave adventure, and love doing anything with Joe, from fly-fishing to exploring a new trail. Our current project is redoing a 1957 Westerner camper (stay tuned!).

I think this world needs more love, laughter, and smiles. Everyone deserves to have photos that they cherish, and I'm here to capture those special moments for you.
​I can't wait to meet you!

xxx Emmie

My husband, Joe, is my better half, partner-in-everything, and best friend. We said I DO in a beautiful white barn in Minnesota in June 2018. I love ALL things wedding, and have a sincere understanding of all the feels on a wedding day. 

​My approach to photography is to capture your story as authentically as possible. That means I'll rarely force you into those awkward poses, and my greatest desire is to work with you to capture your vision. If you're wanting me to show up to your big day or your session, ask you to stand pretty and smile...ummm...I might not be your gal. I'm the photographer who will show up and SERVE YOU in any way that I can! Whether that's fixing your hair, making sure you've eaten, blotting your face, carrying your lip gloss, repinning your boutonnière, or filling your champagne, I am there for YOU. 

I live for those open-mouthed laughs, goofy grins, & genuine love stories. my approach is to create natural moments that are filled with all the emotions.

about me

Let's go camping!

6. Fav. weekend activity

Grey's Anatomy

5. Guilty pleasure


4. Nikon or Canon?

Black Coffee

3. Drink of choice

A beach & a good book

2. Ideal vacation
1. Favorite food

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Joe's pancakes

Hazy IPA

Both! (But I'm obsessed with my cat)

12. Cat or Dog?

my family's farm

11. Favorite place

Loud chewing

10. Pet Peeve

Ryan Gosling

9. Celeb Crush


8. Take my money...

Wailin Jennys

7. Favorite Band

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Black coffee, chocolate, Ryan Gosling... Time to reveal a few of my obsessions. See anything we have in common?

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